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Renewables are the future

As gigawatts of solar and wind energy come online worldwide, we need to make sure these plants deliver on their performance and financial projections throughout their 30+ year lifetimes.

Enter Envision Ensight

Our cutting edge advanced analytics software provides powerfully detailed insights into both plant and portfolio performance. Sophisticated breakdowns of system energy losses from ordinary data, combined with machine learning to detect anomalous behaviors, automatically drive smart corrective action recommendations that allow plant owners and operators to maximize energy production, reduce operational costs, and improve reliability.

Integrated and Automated

Offered as a SaaS application built on top of Envision’s industry-leading cloud energy IoT platform Energy OS (EnOS), Envision Ensight automatically cleans, categorizes, and analyzes your photovoltaic and wind system’s operational data to calculate meaningful metrics, produce insightful reports, and recommend corrective actions to improve system performance and health.

Ensight Solar

Ensight Solar calculates key performance indicators (KPIs) and detailed breakdowns of system losses to proactively and automatically inform asset managers, operations and maintenance (O&M) teams, and insurance underwriters regarding the as-built performance of photovoltaic plants. Our algorithms translate system underperformance and component health issues into prioritized corrective actions that help increase revenue, organize and schedule O&M more efficiently and cost-effectively, and generally support the long term performance and health of PV assets.

Ensight Wind

Ensight Wind combines industry leading domain expertise in wind turbine design and manufacturing and wind farm control and management to offer the most comprehensive wind analytics engine available for optimizing performance and financial returns. Wind turbines are complex assets, where many environmental and extraneous factors can often bias performance evaluation. Our advanced energy analytics platform is comprised of flexible modules that can detect both underperformance and component health issues from raw operational data for any type of wind turbine to ensure the best possible performance and reliability of your wind farm.

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The Future with Envision

A worldwide leader in renewable energy

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Who we are

We are a leading global energy solutions provider, with a mission to solve the world’s greatest challenges by orchestrating clean and sustainable energy generation for our growing world.

Digital Solutions

We manage more than 100 GW of renewable energy assets with our software solutions, more than any other single company. Our software platforms support solar and wind plant design and development, monitoring and control, and deliver predictive analytics and insights on historical and future performance. Our approach covers the entire plant and portfolio lifecycle to ensure asset health and performance.

Get to know us

Our team’s combined solar and wind expertise is unparalleled, ranging from systems modeling, to O&M management, to commissioning of many of the largest renewable plants worldwide. Visit envision-group.com to learn more about our vision, products, and services.

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